Reopening of Trailwood Community Pools – Friday June 12th

In the past few months, COVID-19 has had a tremendously impacted our lives. As part of those changes, we had been order to close the community pool and park in Trailwood while we monitor news and guidance from the State of California, County of Orange and other governing agencies to advise as to when we may open and to provide guidance on the most appropriate ways to handle reopening of facilities. During the time of closure, we appreciate the patience and understanding of all community residents. Recently the State of California and, subsequently, the County of Orange have approved for the reopening of our community facilities, effective June 12th. As of today, we are pleased to announce that the Trailwood park and pool area are now open for resident use.

While the facilities are now reopening, we wish to remind all residents of the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in shared and public spaces. In order to comply with relevant government orders and to protect the health and safety of the community, the facilities are being reopened with a requirement that all visitors adhere to a new set of rules which address the recommendations set forth by the County of Orange.

Please understand that the risk of infection associated with COVID-19 is an unknown and, while the Association is taking precautions to minimize the risk, there is no way for the risk to be completely eliminated. Thus, please understand that USE OF THE ASSOCIATION FACILITIES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Also, please understand that the Association’s ability to keep its facilities open and to mitigate the risk related to COVID-19 is dependent upon everyone working together with social distancing, adhering to the newly adopted rules and doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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Pool and Park Closure

We hope this email communication finds you well. In light of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the local, State and Federal mandates that have been issued, the pool and park areas within Trailwood have been closed until further notice. Please note that the pool heaters have been turned off, and access has been restricted to prevent entry to the pool. Amenities in the park will be taped off to restrict use.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your efforts to continue to practice “social distancing” to help stop the spread of the virus in order to keep our community safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Gate Security and DwellingLIVE Visitor Management Information

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We hope that everyone has had an opportunity to meet some of the new onsite gate staff and become accustom with the new DwellingLIVE visitor management software. In June, all residents were mailed a letter with a unique registration code. If you have not signed up and begun managing your guests and visitors, please take a moment to sign up now at If you are missing your registration code, please contact David Lappin of Allied Universal at or 714-412-5581.

The DwellingLIVE system allows residents to add guests and visitors as well as send passes to your guests that can be scanned on your guests mobile device when they arrive at the gate. You can also establish notification settings so you are aware when your guests arrive.

Please take a few moments to explore and take advantage of all of the great features provided by DwellingLIVE. You can even download the DwellingLIVE application on your mobile device to manage your account on the go!